Our Service to You

We serve our Lord Jesus Christ to serve you.  We provide meals for the needy.  We offer free bibles and bible tracts.  We offer connections with resources like YouTube for audio bibles.  We also offer the tools and literature you will need to evangelize the good news.  We believe the power of prayer can move a mountain.  If you or anyone you know is in need of prayer we offer corporate prayer services.

The blueprint for eternity

By offering bibles to as many souls as possible our mission is to provide the blueprint for eternal salvation with our Lord Jesus!

Tools you need to overcome sin!

We want to provide every soul the opportunity to allow Jesus into your heart.  Making Jesus the cornerstone of your heart will be the best move of your life!  

We realize that building can take awhile.

As you begin your Journey of Sanctification we will keep you in our prayers and make sure u feel the love of Christ through the holy spirit he has shared with us.

Your body is the temple of God.

As quoted in scripture the body is the temple of God!  We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and make your temple as suitable to God as possible.